De-platforming the West


O Fairest flower, no sooner blown than blasted,

Yet can I not persuade me thou art dead,
Or that thy corse corrupts in earth’s dark womb,
Or that thy beauties lie in wormy bed,
Hid from the world in a low-delved tomb;
Could Heaven for pity thee so strictly doom?
Oh, no! for something in thy face did shine
Above mortality, that shew’d thou wast divine.


We should all be working hard now on restoring the retaining walls of our extraordinary epoch. You know, this civilised and enlightened era that is not over quite yet.There are urgent lessons to be had from our shared Judaeo-Christian, Greco-Roman, Anglo-Saxon-Celtic cultural heritage (no matter the whereabouts of our births). 

Read, follow RoadScholar, start something yourself but sensible, good people should be helping NOW to put out the dumpster fires of ignorance and unreason that rage on the streets of the West. Good ideas are so hard to spread in this technologically advanced, socially backward time they need all of us to help.

Rain has got in; parts have fallen away. All around us the ground is soft, too yielding—but still it stands. It must stand, since what is the alternative? The ‘Endarkenment’?, as Andrew Klavan has rightly asked. 

The woodwork squeaks and out come the freaks.

Don Was

Only a few years post-9/11, I attended a talk by Anne-Marie Slaughter[1], a Wilsonian foreign policy wonk from Princeton, and early Hillary hire in the Obama administration. At one point, she asked the audience if the West was having its ‘Roman moment’.  I didn’t know if she coined that pithy question herself but I hadn’t heard it back then and will admit that I checked often for signs of decline after that evening.

The West was/is of course in peril, although I don’t and never did agree with Ms Slaughter’s Wilsonian views. It is also hard for us ordinary Australians (who by culture think politicians a pack of pompous, power hungry and greedy bastards that are best avoided) to comprehend seriously and soberly that a global game of thrones was afoot, is perhaps always afoot, and that a certain culture war as well was so far advanced that any notions of simple restoration, easy reclamation or even parley, are not certain at all.

For example (and yet again) another news event illustrates the dangerous, and revolutionary (yet astonishingly pedestrian) sleight of hand of the MSM. Witness this Associated Press headline after the recent Notre Dame fire:



I’m not now and have never been a Catholic, but also? Wow, bella premunt hostilia. Quite apart from placing ‘tourist spot’ before church, the use of mecca is ‘tone-deaf’ to a deliberate but absolutely astonishing degree, even for the media swamp. 

Also this week, a strange new term appeared in social media, Easter-worshippers (?!?) instead of, you know, the more humdrum, normal and actually accurate “Christians”. After the appalling terrorist revenge massacre on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, tweets using this new phrase were deployed in a simultaneous crowd strike by former celebrities like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others, and it was gob-smacking.  

Nevertheless, idiocy and ignorance is still more common than conspiracy, if the overflowing sewer of Twitter is any guide to anything at all. Free speech is under attack every day, individual agency is trampled by the collective pile-on and Wrongthink has astonishing valency. Feminism remains a sordid joke. Comedy is not funny. Identitarianism is woke so segregation is back 🙁 Out there are more and more examples of a radical de-platforming of the West by those who despise her.

It’s an upside down world where nothing is what it seems. What passes for a world order resembles a slow-motion car crash. Australia is not helping. We surely have our own deep state and swamp to investigate.

And yet there has been some light at the end of the tunnel. Good and expected news. Below in three images (but hopefully in IV acts).






[1] Interestingly, Anne-Marie Slaughter’s Wikipedia entry cites a 2015 article published in Marie Claire magazine that notes her departing her plum deep state DC job two years later for Princeton and to spend ‘more time with the family’. Previously, in 2012, she had published “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” in The Atlantic magazine. In the Marie Claire feature, Hillary Clinton is quoted as saying “other women don’t break a sweat” and that they choose to stay working in stressful government jobs. Apparently, Slaughter who was named in the same paragraph said she was “devastated” by the idea Clinton may have been referring to her. Then, on hearing that HRC’s quote was (so totally like) ‘out of context’, Slaughter claimed the two of them were on good terms. Lol. [Ed:Still better than Arkancide!]


[A hasty post later updated]

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