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UPDATE: Since I wrote the post below, the now famous Barr-brawl took place in Congress over the Mueller-lite outcome. It included the Left’s freakout over the perfectly accurate term, “Spy“. It showed that the Dems really do fear the walls closing in. On them. Even the New York Slime couldn’t avoid mentioning the elephant (err, donkey) any more. Meanwhile, the Italian news, and the frantic messaging of the Ukrainian government…etcetera etcetera, are simply riveting! 


I’ve been waiting for a while for a comment like this. Some twitter threads have been melting down lately and sure I’ve missed stacks of stuff out there already (since I dislike reading social media) but this is the ticket, this one will do. 

I was catching up late this evening on Dave Rubin’s chat with Avi Yemini as I was checking the links in my ANZAC Day post, and I saw this comment on the Department of Defence Twitter thread. Well, well, well.



I’d like to advance politely here because Mr Gunner is a Democrat it seems, noting the use of regime and the little matter of JFK in the masthead. And he lives in VA. I may well be wrong, but his thread followers seem all over the shop too from cheering on Bernie to demanding FISA declassification. I sincerely thank him for his service to our ally (thus also helping his ally-us) but those are not exactly conservative words and images.

Nevertheless, he re-tweets a Judicial Watch post so I will admit I haven’t read a lot of his content yet; I am just fascinated by his questions and with any chinks of light that might appear as a result one day, through the window of a wine bar in London sometime in early 2016.

How should we view our US veteran visitor’s tweets to our defence department about our erstwhile foreign minister (or perhaps, unindicted deep swamp co-conspirator??), Mr Alexander Downing?! 😊

Mr Gunner’s rude comments are perhaps better directed to our department of foreign affairs and trade, and his statements overall are neither tasteful nor at all relevant on ANZAC Day. However, his exact question is not as ignorant as his Twitter respondent who immediately replies “What are you talking about?”.

There is no doubt the majority of Australians remains blithely unaware of Spygate or Collusiongate or the ‘insurance policy‘ or the slow motion coup. Aussies should check out John Solomon from The Hill, Dan Bongino, Sara Carter, Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch plus Kimberley Strassel of the WSJ, Chuck Ross from the Daily Caller and Jeff Carlson from the Epoch Times. For a sheer, close up and personal view of D.C. swamp corruption generally, Sharryl Atkisson is well worthwhile. 

OTOH, if you must watch our home-grown Australian media (especially the very odd and strangely clueless ABC TV show, Planet America) you can stay six months behind and twisted upside down and inside out by its latest fake news. Not that many are talking about this issue down under at all, and that may change soon but that is the situation right now. 

So…. how to deal with Mr Gunner’s tweet, given the total mifsudery of the whole situation? Why is he apparently inquiring into the astonishing historic malfeasance of the USA’s deep state and the precise nature of its overseas network activities? Very importantly, what were the roles of the various Five Eyes partners in the run up to the last US election? Is anything going to happen? 

Things do seem to be moving though, just a couple more weeks-maybe three-before the SHTF, IMHO. Good, because politics ain’t bean bag as they say.

As I said, most Aussies aren’t on the same news page yet … while I’ve been just sitting around for two years simply dying of curiosity about what Australia was doing c. 2015-19, and what will happen to the swamp both here and overseas, if anything at all.

I look forward to seeing more of Mr Gunner too, and his hat tips to dear old Downing because although he seems somewhat angry with Australia for some reason, his actual question is spot on so we shall watch what gets stirred up by it. (I can’t explain what Mr Gunner’s got against us Aussies though, or why exactly it is that we should be fed to the Chinese regime).

PS: I absolutely loved it a couple of years ago when the US President’s former media adviser, Sean Spicer, accidentally referred to our then prime minister as Prime Minister Trumble. Hahahahahahaha…I reckon that slip endeared him to a few people here in Oz. So it is sort of fitting that we the Aussie people know a little more about Alexander Downing Esquire, and whether he played the establishment crony or total gentleman in, erm, let’s see… Pride and Prejudice-the 2016 remake. 


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