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Signs of Spring


Recently I’ve been busy but down in the dumps thanks mainly to the bushfires, so in today’s post I’m focusing on the hopeful signs around us at this end of 2020 (and yeah I know, it’s Summer not Spring here).

As I said though in my ‘before and aftermath‘ post, the Aussie bush always bounces back quickly, and so should we from adversity. Things can always be worse I remind myself. I took this image below while driving out of the property recently. 

Less than two months and some heavy rains later, there are bright patches of grass and new leaves appearing along with signs of hopping wildlife. Nearby creeks have broken their banks and there are sudden unexpected lakes in the middle of the paddocks.  

  • One word: Total ACQUITTAL!

ANYONE who could count and wasn’t an unhinged Democrat knew from the start that the two absurd articles would be voted down and President PDJT would be exonerated. Sigh…45 is just so Trumpy and he is also such a Grandmaster Troll that he even got the MSM to keep repeating the word ACQUITTAL over and over and over again. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha.

What an epic week. Just one word in response, Mr President: POGOLove the Flow!!


  • Weirdoes of the World Untied  

Also this week, not exactly hopefully but quite unexpectedly as Instapundit might say, a Sontaran Netflix producer couple quoted The Communist Manifesto in their Oscar acceptance speech (h/t Grabien/ABC for pic).

Also totally unexpectedly, their series was the first release of the new production house of Obama & Obama, named (of all things) Higher Ground.

Hypocrisy, sanctimony, lack of self-awareness and sheer TDS continue to know no bounds. Fortunately, the desperate stridently ideological messaging being chucked at the elite audience at these invite-only events is increasing at exactly the same time and in the same proportion as the TV audience is dwindling. They really all should just #Walkaway.  (Hanoi Jane pic, h/t Breitbart)

  • Your betters

Milton Keynes is a town in England’, yelled Milton Friedman and J. M. Keynes. Well maybe they did and maybe they didn’t but Bartender Barbie from the Bronx says it’s really the name of her favourite economist. 🙂 Man, I can recall more about economics at uni and all I remember is supply and demand. There is just no way of calculating all the stupid here, particularly after Rep. Occasional-Cortex follows through by calling it a TYPO (h/t Daily Wire).

Now, I’ve never been to Milton Keynes, a town 50 miles NW of London, but allegedly (i.e. according to Wikipedia) the area was once pretty rich. The Milton Keynes Hoard is possibly the largest (by weight, 2.2 kgs or 4.9 lbs) hoard of Bronze Age jewellery ever found in Britain [I bloody well hope they were responsible sustainable diamonds lol]. It was discovered in September 2000 at Monkston (near Milton Keynes village) and consists of two Bronze Age gold torcs and three gold bracelets in a datable clay pot.[19][1][c] So that is Milton Keynes. The other blokes are famous 20th c. economists from opposite sides of the hoard, let’s say.   

  • Check your ideological privilege

Meanwhile back in the USA, as the Left continues to project through the Overton Window, one of these figures below looks like a slightly wobbly bloke standing carefully at the bar (let’s call him Milton), the other on the far left, looks like a drunk driving the porcelain bus out the window (yep, that’s Keynes). LOL. 


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