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The Biggest Political Scandal Of Our Time


WOW. The things we’ve seen this month I thought I’d never see. We’re living through a hot culture war, kids, and the ‘bombshells’ are non-stop.

To begin with, it has been a bit of a dream this month for those following Spygate (to name but 1 scandal in the famously ‘scandal-free’ Obama administration).

What with Ric Grenell walking docs to the DOJ; Jensen finding Strzok and Priestap’s notes but not the 302s; the relentless pursuit of Flynnocence; the speed and extent of Obama’s mob’s last-minute unmaskings yet curious absence of a Flynn unmasking; #O’Bidengate; and Ratcliffe’s ODNI nomination confirmation hearing, heh.

And that’s the ‘old’ news…There’s so much happening I can hear the swamp’s screams downunder. To which I say, I’m with Ratcliffe at his masterful hearing. Things should start to turn around now.

The Federalist: Obamagate’ isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s the biggest political scandal of our time

On July 31, 2016, the FBI opened the Crossfire Hurricane counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign…

When former president Barack Obama told supporters last week that the Justice Department’s decision to drop the case against former White House National Security Adviser Mike Flynn is a “threat to the rule of law,” he was relying wholly on the fiction, willingly propagated for years by a pliant media, that the Russia-Trump collusion probe launched by his administration was lawful and legitimate.

But of course, it wasn’t. A string of recently released documents have confirmed that the entire Russia-Trump investigation, which eventually entrapped Flynn and forced then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, was an unprecedented abuse of power that amounted to organized effort by the Obama administration to nullify the results of the 2016 presidential election. It was in effect an attempted coup.

Most Aussies are still not up to speed with this scandal (let alone red-pilled) primarily because of the unrelenting misdirection and lying by the MSM and swamp. In other posts I’ve touched on the plot and rolling coup (including  insurance policies) in earlier posts here and here and here. 

What will we learn about Australia’s albeit probably small role in entrapping Papdopoulos and assisting Spygate? Who the hell knows. Patience, grasshoppers.

Sara A Carter: Judiciary Crossfire Hurricane hearings will start next month

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-SC, announced Thursday that his committee will proceed with hearings on the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation starting in June, Graham said in a statement Thursday after President Donald Trump pressured him on Twitter earlier in the day….“To say we are living in unusual times is an understatement,” he explained. “We have the sitting president (Trump) accusing the former president (Obama) of being part of a treasonous conspiracy to undermine his presidency.  We have the former president suggesting the current president is destroying the rule of law by dismissing the General Flynn case. All of this is occurring during a major pandemic.”

In her podcast, Sara notes ruefully how FOUR YEARS OF THIS CRAP has passed since her first sources emerged and began speaking of illegal spying against a presidential candidate. Like Admiral Rogers, Carter Page and Flynn, it seems those who blew the whistle on FISA abuse etc etc etc. are heroes. Presumably those same people approached John Solomon and I remember watching him then explain how worried they were their powerful clandestine tools were being abused and how the public would want those tools shut down if they found out ow they were being used. Which would be right in that case, but then deprive the US of the very high-tech tools needed to safeguard the American people and national security.

Episode 36 of Common Sense with Rudi Giuliani featured Part 1 of his interview with George PapaD. It’s enlightening and troubling yet strangely encouraging given the Durham references. [If you want to hear an earlier interview unpacking the same themes, see Sara Carter’s podcast from 1 May

For example, who knew our erstwhile ambassador to the UK and his spooky Australian aide have been interviewed ‘FOUR OR FIVE TIMES’ already by Prosecutor John Durham? George says they have, and that story and other thoughts about Australia’s role in Spygate are from about 29:00 to 59:13.  

So I watched Rudi and George, Part 2, last night and then a disappointing Sky News treatment of the same story this morning. Outsiders anchor Rowan Dean had George on but utterly wasted his opportunity for good questions or to even summarise Spygate without confusing the entire tv audience and himself. He also repeated about three times what sounded a lot like a legal disclaimer, merely in other words. Sky needs to improve its production values, show scripting, sets and vision-mixing etc. Rowan should also stop gesticulating so much, it’s annoying and doesn’t substitute for sharp political commentary or wit.

You can also see, (as with Rudi’s line of questioning) that Rowan is evidently only now registering parts of this astonishing and historic scandal. It was really evident Outsiders had prepared poorly for this opportunity to dig deep and tailor its questions around Australia’s interests. 

For example, what about Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal who claimed that ‘Mr Downing’ reported the encounter with George Papadopoulos to Elizabeth Dibble, an ex-Clinton hire working in the US embassy in London. Was that before or after cabling Oz about it? And why would he do that?

Why did Alexander Downing Esq. invite PapaD out for a G&T? Who is George Mifsud? What does George think Mifsud was doing? Where is he now? If he’s in the USA, has Durham subpoenaed him? What was Australia’s role on the Link campus? Why did an Aussie ambassador invite a foreign bloke out for a drink and then dob him in for gossip that was commonly circulating the world at the time? How could such vague low-level and unspecific information cause Crossfire Hurricane to come into being? What is the London connection? When and to whom did Downing transmit his information? How did Downing’s actions further Australia’s interests if the two men did not discuss Australia? If they did not discuss Australia, what was the point of asking him out for a G&T? 

Both Common Sense and Outsiders also mentioned a long forgotten Australian PM and his brand new autobiography, which I haven’t read yet because I sure won’t pay for the displeasure.

Back when James Comey released his self-serving autobiographical novel “A Higher Loyalty”, it was quickly dubbed A Higher Royalty. Well here is similar crap on paper, so let’s call out the corrupt, egotistical BS for what it is, A Higher Toiletry. Try Andy McCarthy’s book, it’s better.

For me, the issue is not merely that the swamp is fighting back hard from its global redoubts, such as London, but that more and more it appears that Australia (and other FE countries) really did have some kind of hand in this disgraceful, possibly criminal, conspiracy with worldwide implications way beyond two terms of P45. Democracies as good as the USA’s, let alone ours, will not last if this is what we get for our taxes and trust. (And ours is the worst of course, except for all the rest!)

Pretending Joe Biden Is FineKyle Smith from National Review makes the implications clear. 

Biden has been trying to achieve the presidency since 1988. Even in his best days, he was not a strong candidate. And he’s much weaker today.

Are Democrats just going to pretend that Biden didn’t look the other way while family members leveraged their connections to him to go into places like Ukraine and collect large pay checks? That Biden offers a coherent vision of where to take the country other than hokey, nostalgia and bromides? That he wouldn’t be, on the day he takes office, older than any chief executive has ever been on the last day of his presidency? That his unscripted speech isn’t rambling, nonsensical, and bizarre? That he isn’t already showing signs of incipient dementia, ten months before his term would even begin? That he doesn’t make Grandpa Simpson look like a sage?

I suggest this week’s O’Biden O’Basement O’Blunder at O’Breakfast Club, i.e. the ‘wise guy’ comment, was actually the last nail in his election hopes coffin. It will become more evident as time goes on. I wonder how long it will be before the DNC moves on a replacement candidate. I’m predicting O’Biden survives a heart attack within three months but that it puts paid to his campaign.

FWIW, I outlined my personal theory about Biden’s evident mental decline, on a Daily Wire comment thread last week. IMHO, he’s had a mild ischaemic stroke that has affected Wernicke’s area in his brain. It may have happened last year. This kind of damage or aphasia would allow for rapid, fluent but often meaningless speech, and with very regular use of word substitution (C’mon man! You know, the thing). Just a theory.

Oh, and this is weird but no theory, the DNC still hasn’t named Biden as their formal presidential nominee yet. I wonder why. /s

To end on a lighter note, here is a reminder of the last dying days of the by-the-book swamp. Look at those faces. What a disgraceful mob.

And here is the back of Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire bravely breaching beach lockdown (after a nice cup of covfefe) while reminding us that it is better not to trade liberty for mere security.

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