1800 years ago, Lucian wrote the historian’s job description which our profession must always follow (apologies for his Roman gender-specificity): ‘The most important thing by far is that he should be a free spirit, fear nobody, and expect nothing … determined … to call figs figs and a tub a tub.

Bodleian Library

It’s 2019. As usual, eternal vigilance is on my mind and righteous indignation in my chest. Despondency is my natural disposition, unless it’s the weekend.

RoadScholar is Ainsley Hayes. I’m a classical Australian liberal with conservative (Reagan) tendencies. In sum this means to me the desire for individual freedom, limited government, property rights and the rule of law (that’s the classical liberal part). I love Australia to bits and want everything in it that’s good to keep on keeping on (that’s the ‘Reagan’ style conservative bit). RoadScholar also ends a lame, gloomy hobby as a long-time lurker (‘ofer-hylmend’). This finally is just my take.

Now and then I’ll write about politics, post book reviews, look at England in the time of King Alfred the Great, post pics of my motorbikes and good riding roads, and write generally  about life and stuff. Comments are welcome particularly if they lean towards facts more than feelz, humour not hubris, larrikinism not libel. I also don’t give a shit if you went to uni or not, this is Australia so write what you want in the way you want. Posts could be weekly but definitely erratic. If you don’t enjoy the site make suggestions or try the links and go somewhere else.

I’m an Aussie chick, a mum and I ride a sporty. The anniversary softail that appears sometimes on the Home Page belongs to the strong silent better half.  I’m Australian-born, with a Swiss-Australian parent (think semi-sweet chocolate). For a few years after I was born we lived in and out of Australia in bursts. Since then, I’ve spent an ordinary life in Oz, largely subsisting in what I call a form of liminal space, but that’s for another post down the track. 

I’m an atheist who tries to live like a Christian, with a Christian. I’m also an Aussie with a MAGA hat, a tumbler, a mug, a vessel and a covfefe cup!! I am fascinated by Australia, US current affairs, history and constitutional origins as well as early English history in the time of King Alfred

I surfed the interwebs silently [‘a-dumbian’] for years. Why lurk? I’m a self-conscious learner, and often busy. Or gloomy [‘ænge’] as I mentioned earlier. Just another case of  arrested development. Just another self-conscious slacker redolent with but oblivious to the shallow ofermód of modern life. Such is Life.

This site will occasionally feature guest posts and podcasts, usually under pseudonyms and by people who may or may not share my opinions. I’ll endeavour to attribute everything I to help readers see things inside the turbid currents of modern thought that they may have missed including a look at the raging dumpster fire that is modern “progressivism”. 

TRIGGER WARNING: Snowflake warning. I’m a female escapee from lurkerdom but not a virtue signalling pussy-hat wearing harpy. Fright bats, cat ladies, pantifa and other deeply weirdy beardies should tread carefully here or risk feeling gravely insulted.  

I lurk in the sewer of Twitter and the pool of narcissism that is Fascistbook but I don’t ‘do’ social media nor do I give a safe space about it. I will not submit to or be counted in the toxic femininity brigade. I like Reddit and 4chan and watching Gavin McInnes and our home-grown Isaac Butterfield. I LOVE Steven Crowder because I like a good laugh with my politics (and he’s also a great bloke for a Canuck). I also think Aussie blokes are the best in the world and thank goodness for good blokes! I know a few and some very well. I’m attempting to bring one up properly at the moment. 

I will though admit to a minor—okay, 18-year old urge—to vent at you SJWABCSBSMSM leftie activists intent right now on damaging this country and Western Civ. more broadly. Quick fact-check for the woke…You are paranoid racists and delusional ideologues besotted by a macabre Marxist political creed. Your dangerous revisionist lies, projection and increasingly shrill histrionics are tiring. Your media brethren’s capacity (as merely one example) to avoid reporting on the most astonishing attempted hoax/coup d’état in American history while attacking a duly elected US President for simply bullshit reasons is chutzpah to a nuclear degree. Your hysteria and capacity to change the goalposts is unrivaled. A century of political lies, projection, lust for power, violence, and revolutionary activism (particularly egregiously through the pop culture and gaslight of the media/entertainment worlds you all so comprehensively raided and colonised in the latter half of the 20c.), these things are to blame in this new century for the deranged, ignorant and sometimes dangerous behaviour we see all around us. I sip covfefe from my cup and watch the daily bonfire of your vanities that you light. I hope you get well soon. I hope you don’t take us all down with you.

Back to RoadScholar. It’s a wonderful world where we can so easily acquire writings, books and papers containing the best of modern and ancient thought. That’s why with this site I’m cutting a new virtual ribbon on a satellite office of the Intellectual Dark Web to spread links to those who contribute real ideas and fresh debate and help disperse the fog of fake news. This can be a remote branch of the Intellectual Renaissance or of the Remodernism movement or whatever, I’m not sure what those really are but I aim to be a tough, sane, funky aunt (as Eric Weinstein once put it) and as an Aussie, I will call a tub a bloody tub.

September 11, 2001 is baked into many people’s thinking about the world today. Mine too. I’ve done an absolute shit-tin of reading and observatio since then. Join me for a dive below the floating plastic islands of fake news and bad ideas.

Hwaet! Since I first found Instapundit in 2003, so many other pundits and institutions have emerged. I’ll be linking to those who are doing the hard yakka as our culture lies etherised upon the table or sliding off a cliff depending on your taste for metaphors. 

Instapundit (and a little later, the Drudge Report and Mark Steyn), has been a daily devotion. It changed my life by being my shield (‘bord-hreóða’) against the encircling fog of fake news. For this, I am forever grateful to Glenn Reynolds, that fit law professor from 2A, Tennessee. And, Ben Shapiro too (whose wife I understand, is also a doctor).

I first bumped into Ben reading about an important funeral in March 2012 (see below, hope no one minds me posting a photo from the interwebs back then. Don’t know who took it but I’ll attribute them if I find out). Ben, like Andrew Klavan for his crystal-clear elucidation of principles with a dash of humour, has long been precious to me for his advocacy of facts over feelings and for trying daily and valiantly to ward off confirmation bias by putting the shoe on the other foot. 

Throughout the long years since 2001, Rush Limbaugh, David Horowitz, Iowahawk, Mark Levin, Steven Crowder [miss you, Not Gay Jared!], Sultan Knish, Ace of Spades, Jordan Peterson, PragerU , Hillsdale College, Robert Stacy McCain and favourite Overlord as mentioned, Andrew Klavan [Miss you too, Lindsay..Whooo!!], have all punched above their weight in the culture war and helped influence my thinking in one way or another.

This site is also a BIG hat-tip to the late Michael Crichton too, who would have been an automatic IDW member, as well as living treasures Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Roger Scruton, Dennis Prager and Larry Elder; along with other famous and not so famous smarties like Douglas Murray, Victor Davis Hanson, Heather Mac Donald, Dave Rubin, Sargon of Akkad, Tim Pool, Candace Owens, ABL, RedPillPhil, Victory Girls, Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, John Solomon, and Sarah Parker for so many many reasons.

What was nominally termed the ‘IDW’ a few years ago has exploded in nominal size and sure,…ok, that’s epic 🙂 This site is a shout-out to the smart, witty and eclectic crew above and to so many others. Closer to home, Tim Blair, davidthompson, Catallaxy, Quadrant, Bolt, the CIS and the IPA have all become constant reference points. (see Links page for others)

Yet, all of these bright candles today are still not enough. C’mon people, there are Western cultures to reclaim.


                                                                                               After the funeral, 2012

This blog is also dedicated on this day in memoriam to Andrew Breitbart (1 Feb 1969 – 1 Mar 2012) who helped detonate the political part of my brain in the noughties. This was just as I was blocked from LGF for no explicable reason, bewildered everyday by the MSM’s behaviour, and growing tired of the sneering, cynical Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and his clown nose-on/clown nose-off news spin routine. All these things and more. Life sure is an unexpected journey.

Andrew, you were right all along. War.  



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