TLDR version: Welcome to my blog of righteous indignation Downunder. As an unofficial Antipodean branch of the Intellectual Dark Web (A-IDW!), this is a fright bat-free zone where those pesky facts don’t care about feelings. Drop in for history, politics, music, Harley-Davidsons and occasional references to frothy beverages. I’ll post dispatches from the culture war,  book reviews (podcasts too hopefully) and even articles by guests. Drop in for a rambling Aussie take on the ideological dumpster fire that is modern progressivism and free dive with me below the floating islands of fake news. Posts may be weekly and eclectic but definitely erratic. Please join in with humour not hubris, and larrikinism not libel. Try to keep the conversation ladylike and gentlemanly 🙂  G’day! 

1800 years ago, Lucian wrote the historian’s job description...‘The most important thing by far is that he should be a free spirit, fear nobody, and expect nothing … determined … to call figs figs and a tub a tub’. (Bodleian Library)

With RoadScholar I cut a virtual ribbon on an Aussie branch of the Intellectual Dark Web (A-IDW) to telegraph serious ideas, encourage thought and dispel fake news. What was called the IDW years ago has exploded in size and sure OK, that’s epic :). This blog is a shout-out to that whole witty crew. I will be your local ‘tough, sane, funky aunt’ (as Eric Weinstein who coined ‘IDW’ once put it). And, as a based mum in this great southern land, it’s only fair that when I give the lowdown Downunder that I call a tub, a bloody tub. In a ladylike way, of course.

RoadScholar is Ainsley Hayes, Aussie chick, mum, Harley rider. I’m not a historian. I’ve been riding for decades, my current sporty is pictured above, and the anniversary softail that may appear from time to time belongs to the silent, better half. Aussie-born, sixth generation Australian on one side, Swiss-Aussie on the other (think semi-sweet chocolate). In my very early years we lived in and out of the place. Since then I’ve had an ordinary life here subsisting in liminal space (and that’s for another post down the track). I’m also an atheist, who tries to live like a Christian with a Christian.  

Politically, I’m an Australian classical liberal with (‘Reagan-style’) conservative tendencies. In short this means I desire individual freedom, limited government, property rights and the rule of law (the classical liberal part). I’m also a patriotic Aussie, with a MAGA/KAG hat and a cup of covfefe because I want everything in Oz that’s good, great and free to keep on keeping on. That’s the ‘Reagan-style’ conservative bit, which given the times we live in is now also strongly Trumpian. 

RoadScholar ends a lame hobby as long-time lurker on the interwebs. Why? Why now? I’m just another shy, super-self-conscious ‘grown-up’ with arrested development. And because I feel like it. Such is Life

TRIGGER WARNING: While I’m at it…snowflakes :). I’m no SJW. Fright-bats, male feminists, cat ladies, pAntifa and other deeply weird pomos risk grave insult here as I work through my pent-up urge to vent at you latter-day Jacobins. I sip covfefe from my (Mug Club) mug/vessel of leftist tears and watch the bonfire of your vanities you light daily. I really hope you get well soon and don’t take us all down with you.

I’ll be defending the opposite sex too when needed, especially our wonderful Aussie blokes who are the best but under heavy assault in the culture war. I’m bringing up a wonderful young bloke right now and my advice to all is to treat social media like an STD, and forego the mad, bad and sad chicks on it. Look into the real world for someone who likes you, and likes doing stuff with you, not shopping online or posting selfies of their resting b#tch face. Look for a normal human, not a unicorn, with real eyebrows, lips and arse – minus the modern psychodrama and pride – and you’ll be right. Also, listen to Jordan Peterson.  

Back to RoadScholar. I discovered Instapundit around 2003. Since then, a veritable Army of Davids has risen online. But back then Insty seemed pretty much all by itself and quickly became my daily devotion (yes, even atheists have rituals!). Instapundit actually changed my life because it became my shield [bord-hreóða] against fake news (even though I didn’t know that term then). For this, I am forever grateful to Glenn Reynolds, a rather fit law professor from 2A, Tennessee.

Speaking of those whose wives are doctors, later on I ‘bumped into’ a then very young Ben Shapiro and his Truth Revolt, while reading about a funeral. While I don’t always agree with Ben, he (just like Supreme Overlord Klavan for crystal-clear elucidations of moral principle, with a dash of humour) has long been precious for the constant, brutal advocacy of facts, and valiantly trying to jam the shoe on the other foot. I try too, I regularly fail.

Since then, Iowahawk, Robert Stacy McCain, David Horowitz, Mark Levin, Steven Crowder [Vale Hopper. Miss you, Not Gay Jared], Sultan Knish, Ace of Spades, Jordan Peterson and everyone’s favourite previously mentioned overlord, Andrew Klavan [miss you too, Lindsay, whooo…yeaah!], have punched way above their weight in the culture war, and strongly influenced my thinking in one way or another.

RS is also a hat-tip to the late Michael Crichton who would automatically be IDW, as well as living treasures, Rush Limbaugh, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, *Sir Roger Scruton*, Dennis Prager and Larry Elder. And all the other smartypants like Douglas Murray, Diana West, Tim Pool, Dave Rubin, Kurt Schlichter, Heather Mac Donald, Victor Davis Hanson, Candace Owens, Christine Hoff Summers, ABL and RedPillPhil. Not to mention…Ding ding ding! Dan Bongino, John Solomon, Sara A. Carter, Lee Smith and American Thought Leaders. Closer to home, davidthompson, Quillette, Catallaxy, Quadrant, Bolt, CIS and IPA remain constant reference points. See the LINKS page. [Updated 12 Jan 2020: Vale Prof. Scruton].

Okay. Maybe that’s a LOT of gushing about a lot of people but I am no worshipper, just an engaged thinker from the other side of the earth trying to spread good ideas around.

And I will link to all these bright candles but it’s still not enough. C’mon everybody get off your couch, there is Western culture to rebuild. That’s the reason for this blog.


                                                                                             After the funeral, 2012   

RoadScholar Rocks is as a whole dedicated on this day in memoriam to ANDREW BREITBART (1 Feb 1969 – 1 Mar 2012) the political clairvoyant who detonated my brain in the noughties as I was being booted off LGF for no reason, bewildered by ostensibly straight news and increasingly suspicious of things like The Daily Show and its ‘clown nose-on/clown nose-off’ routine. All these things, and events in my own life Downunder, stirred in me too a righteous indignation. 

Thanks Andrew, you rocked. You were right all along. War.


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