Anglo Saxon England Education

Stilly byht-blog*

 Min bearwe is æla ful (My basket is full of eels)9th century West Saxon A corner (byht) of this blog is dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Ralph Elliott. Years ago, Ralph taught me about stillnesse [quietude] in the time of King Alfred; trawthe [truth] in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and […]

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De-platforming the West

O Fairest flower, no sooner blown than blasted,… Yet can I not persuade me thou art dead,Or that thy corse corrupts in earth’s dark womb,Or that thy beauties lie in wormy bed,Hid from the world in a low-delved tomb;Could Heaven for pity thee so strictly doom?Oh, no! for something in thy face did shineAbove mortality, […]

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Australia Politics

Past is prologue

TLDR VERSION: 9/11 was neither the beginning nor the end of history but it brought to an end the short-lived illusion of our ‘Fukuyama Age’ and steadily exposed, at least to me, the unwelcome presence of pride [ofermód] in the West—in others, in me—and that’s what this blog will explore. It was a global event […]

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